St Annemona Primary School, Meru

Headteacher Esther set up St Annemona after seeing how many children in her community were growing up in tough circumstances - in some cases with no parents, or living with HIV. Since it opened, it has grown to teach a total of 300 pupils, from nursery age to 14.

Esther joined the tree planting programme around ten years ago, and the trees she planted then now help to provide food for those pupils, either directly or through the sale of the crops they produce.

This is the programme which Yorkshire Tree is now supporting too, and we’ve provided some new seedlings for Esther and her pupils to plant - like avocado and mango.

It's not the first work we've done at St Annemona. We also helped to build a dormitory for girls, so that girls are able to continue their education at the school after the age of 14. And we've provided a computer and camera, which has helped the school to start taking part in a twinning process with schools in the UK.