Holy Rosary Primary School, Kanyenyaini, Muranga

The 300 pupils at Holy Rosary, together with their headteacher Beatrice, have a very important reason to plant some new trees. The school sits at the bottom of a bank, and heavy rains can wash away the soil on that bank and create a landslide.

It created a very dangerous situation for the school, whose classrooms used to be semi-permanent buildings. In the past, a landslide could wash more than just the soil away - it would sometimes take the building too.

The answer was a more stable building - a permanent classroom. So we helped to fund that, and now our Yorkshire Tree project has led to the planting of a group of trees on the bank to help prevent soil erosion and make the rains less destructive.

We've also pledged to help fund a new fuel efficient stove for the school, which currently cooks meals on an open fire in a kitchen beside the classroom.