Gatanguru, Ngere

Gatanguru school in Ngere has 350 pupils from nursery age through to 14. Headteacher Stanley is extremely passionate about nature, and about making sure that his children understand the importance of trees for medicine, food and the environment.

It's one of the schools where the children of employees at Ngere Tea Factory study. That's one of the places we buy the tea for the Yorkshire Tea blend, and as a result, we've already invested in the school by providing a water tank for rainwater harvesting.

The Yorkshire Tree project has planted avocado trees at Gatanguru, which will eventually grow crops which the school can sell. The children are also keen to create an arboretum - a tree garden to study. They currently enjoy visits to the arboretum at Ngere Tea Factory, and they'd really like their own.

The schools twinning programme has already started at Gatenguru, with the children taking part in a project to talk to UK pupils about the trees and animals of Kenya, while their new friends in the UK send over poems and other work about the environment in Britain.