Protecting birds in Kenya

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Our ongoing Yorkshire Rainforest Project has pledged to protect an area of rainforest the size of Yorkshire – and this year we’re focusing our efforts on planting trees in Kenya, where we’re working alongside Nature Kenya (NK) and three community led groups.

Joan Gichuki (that’s Joan in the picture above) works for NK. She’s the organisation’s Local Empowerment Manager, helping to manage our project on the ground – and this is a brief interview with Joan, to give you an idea of the work that’s taking place:

“I chose to work with NK because it provides an opportunity to work directly with local communities on a daily basis.

“My role is to coordinate community conservation actions in Important Bird Areas (IBAs) where NK works.

“I also work to improve the livelihoods of local communities through nature-based enterprise development.

“My work is important because it develops skills for local communities to take conservation actions at the site level. Their response to threats is faster and more effective since they live adjacent to IBAs.

“Looking ahead, I would like to see Kenya’s Key Biodiversity Areas and IBAs restored and secured; people living adjacent to forests and other IBAs able to afford health care, education and other basic necessities including access to clean water, fresh air and food security; and credible community groups with the capacity to participate in decision making processes in Kenya at village, county and national level.

“As for myself, I hope to acquire more skills in the areas of social accountability, governance, management and business development, so that I can be more useful in working with local communities.”

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