Little Urn goes for a record

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How many people does it take to stage the world’s largest game of musical statues?

The answer is 1,079 of them. And last week, Little Urn ventured to the south of England to witness an attempt to claim that record, in the village of Wooburn Green near High Wycombe.

The event was the June winner in our ongoing celebrations competition, in which we help add a bit of extra Yorkshire Tea sparkle to our tea drinkers’ special occasions.

So last Saturday morning, some 663 people turned up to dance (and freeze when the music stopped. And while it wasn’t quite large enough to take the international title, it was a sight to behold nonetheless.

“It’s still a huge achievement for such a small school,” said Clare Leighton. A governor at the local primary, The Meadows School, she helped to organise the event – and invited Little Urn along to hand out brews to thirsty participants.

“The day itself was a success with a great sense of community, sunny weather and, more importantly, lots of money raised to help fund our new playground equipment,” she said.

That was what it was really all about: a fundraiser for the school’s younger pupils. The money’s going towards climbing and activity frames for them, helping to revamp an area housing a former outdoor pool which has fallen into disrepair.

“We didn't break the record, sadly, but we have unofficially crowned ourselves British national champions,” said Clare.

“And Little Urn went down a storm.”

The event took place at the school’s centenary fair, celebrating its 100th year of teaching local children.

It’s just the kind of thing we love to hear about. So if you’re celebrating something, why not tell us about it by clicking here.

You never know – we might be able to help it go with an extra bang!

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