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Joe Sayer comes to Harrogate

Like most people, we like having people round for tea. Especially when they're as nice as Yorkshire cricketer Joe Sayers, who popped in yesterday to meet our expert tea buyers.

Over the years, we've had a wide variety of visitors here in Harrogate, from Prince Charles to Rwandan tea farmers. And each visit is special in its own way - in this case, opening batsman Joe came in to talk to us about our Runs For The Rainforest idea.

Basically, for every run scored by Yorkshire in the 2010 season, we promise to protect a tree in the Peruvian Amazon - all as part of the Yorkshire Rainforest Project, our pledge to save an area of rainforest the size of Yorkshire.

Joe, who scored over 1,000 runs in last year's season, has really got behind the idea. "Every player always wants to score plenty of runs," he said. "But now there’s an extra incentive."

As well as talking to us about the project, Joe also got the chance to meet our Head of Tea, Ian, who showed him round our tea tasting room, where Ian and his team taste literally hundreds of teas every day. Both Joe and Ian have spent a fair bit of time in India (for different reasons obviously) so they had plenty to talk about. Not only that but Joe got a whistlestop tour of the world of tea, and even joined in with some tasting - quite an odd sight to see a professional cricketer in his whites slurping and spitting tea!

It wasn't all hard work though. He got his very own box of 'Sayer's Tea' and we made sure he got a chance to sit down and have a proper cup of tea before setting off - but no spitting this time.

Joe and Ian in the tea tasting roomTasting some unusual teas...and a proper cup of tea in the sunshine to finish!

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