Happy Brew Year

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The start of January is a time of promise. A time to look at your life and set goals for the year to come.

But does it last? Sadly, for many, the end of the month sees New Year's Resolutions lying in tatters, like tea bags dropped through a shredder.

If that sounds like you, we think we can help. Whatever your resolution – tea is the key.

Maybe you're learning a new skill. That's one of the most popular January pledges.

Whether you're burying your head in C++ computer programming, learning the basics of Portuguese or taking up the harmonica, there is no greater friend on your path to education than a steaming mug of Yorkshire Tea. Warms your soul, perks up your brain cells.

Perhaps you've resolved to spend more time with your loved ones.

However, it's easy to get distracted by organising big events: meals, nights out, trips to the beach... before you know it, you've taken on an organisational nightmare.

But friends and family don't need a special occasion to hang out. Just invite them round for a brew. A proper brew, that is.

And if your festive diet of mulled wine, port and egg nog has left you resolving to drink less alcohol in the New Year, then you'll no doubt be seeking an alternative – yet equally wonderful – beverage. Ideally a hot one with a rich, malty taste.

You’re probably getting the idea...

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