From Harrogate to Peru

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What kinds of things do you pack for a fortnight in the rainforest?

These are the sorts of questions our Sam's been asking herself (and us, to be honest) for the last few days. And with good reason - she's off to Peru, where she'll meet the people we're working with for our Yorkshire Rainforest Project.

Sam shows us where she's heading
Sam shows us where she's heading
She flies today, but we managed to catch her for just long enough to ask how she's feeling:

"I'm nearly all packed and ready to head out to the Amazon. We're one year into the first stage of our commitment to save an area of rainforest the size of Yorkshire and since we started work on this, I have already learned so much about how vital the rainforest is, not only as the Earth's life support system but also to the people who live there, relying on the rainforest for their fuel, food, shelter and livelihoods. To be able to see this first-hand and to meet some of the people who call the rainforest home will be an amazing opportunity.

I'll also be meeting people from the Ashaninka community, who we're working with the Rainforest Foundation to support. They've lived in the Amazon for generations but the forests in their region are increasingly threatened by logging, the possibility of a hydroelectric dam and drilling for oil. I hope to see how our project is helping the Ashaninka to both protect their home and use their resources effectively and sustainably. And, of course, I'll also be able to see the wonders of the rainforest up close. With my trusty camera and video recorder I'll be carefully documenting my trip - from the people I meet, to the flora and fauna, to the creepy crawlies that may well form part of my diet while I'm there...

It's sure to be an incredible trip and I can't wait to tell you all about it when I return."

Look out for Sam's report when she returns later this month.

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