Faye's street party

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Tea done properly is a thing worth celebrating.

And this year we've been asking Yorkshire Tea drinkers what they're celebrating – because they’re generally a happy bunch and we rather like meeting them.

So on Sunday we packed ourselves into Little Urn, our trusty tea van, and motored off to Southampton to pay a visit to the very lovely Faye.

She's a Yorkshire Tea fan through and through, and Sunday was her birthday. What better excuse for a bit of a street party?

"It was the most amazing day,” said Faye. “My friends were very impressed with your friendliness and hospitality. It is such a change to see employees for a big company to have sparkle and charisma.”

It was a particularly big celebration for Faye, as she has very recently recovered from a serious illness.

“Yorkshire Tea, Little Urn and your employees have made a difference in my remission stage of cancer,” said Faye. “It was like a dream come true – I shall never forget it!”

If you’re celebrating something this year, why not tell us about it? We might be able to help it go with a bang.

There’s just a short form to fill in, which you can find here.

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